Our individual psychology consults are a safe space where you are supported and advised based on the latest academic and industry research. Your treatment will be delivered by a psychologist in training, reporting to a qualified clinician. The clinical psychologist will answer any questions the student might have about your treatment and offer advice where required.

Individual Psychology Consults: Tools to Thrive

Mental health is not just about being free of mental illness. Psychologists can help you develop coping skills to face life’s challenges and guidance to define your values, find meaningful engagements and thrive.

We can help you to work to improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing by focusing on the interaction of your brain processes, thoughts, feelings and behaviours in different contexts.

UQ Healthy Living’s psychology service provides:

  • Treatment for mental and emotional problems, including strategies to deal with loneliness, depression and anxiety
  • Methods to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts
  • Coping skills for bereavement or to deal with the burden of providing care
  • Tips on relaxation and managing sleeping difficulties
  • Defining personal values and finding meaningful pursuits
  • Goal setting support to increase mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Improving motivation

What to expect in session

We will get to know you as an individual and assess your needs to help you develop and achieve wellbeing goals. Whether you want to build confidence, rediscover your inspiration or simply explore ways to reengage, your goals will be respected and supported.

Using talk therapy, we listen to your concerns and use proven, evidence-based therapies to guide you in identifying options and implementing solutions.

We may provide you with information to boost your coping skills, challenge negative thought patterns, or simply talk through problems. 

Group Education Sessions: Psychology

From time to time we also offer special group education sessions  delivered by our in-house psychology team, psychology academics, and respected industry leaders.

Anyone can attend these sessions whether you are participating in individual psychology consults at UQ Healthy Living or not.

Education sessions cover widely relevant topics such as improving memory, living as a carer, thriving after retirement or goal setting.  You may benefit from the opportunity to workshop solutions, hear others struggles and victories, learn from your peers, or simply connect with others on a similar journey.

Group education sessions will vary as they are priced according to their operational requirements, while still offering fantastic value.

Keep up to date via our calendar.