Changes to fee schedule as of April 29th 2024

UQ Healthy Living has provided clients with a consistent and competitive fee structure for over two years. We are
seeing the increasing costs of doing business across various sectors, which are inevitably being reflected in the
cost of services.

While UQ Healthy Living has absorbed some increases to our overheads, the costs associated with contractors,
staffing, and utilities have impacted us significantly. To ensure that we continue to deliver a viable service in the
future, we have implemented a moderate price increase as of April 29th, 2024.


Current fee schedule:


Exercise Classes

Download the Fee Guidelines here. 
> MEMBERS STUDIO – Independent Exercise

The Members Studio is an alternative to the highly supported, timetabled classes on level three, offering clients the convenience of unlimited access during open hours for independent exercise. 

  • Membership payments are $29 per week via direct debit (billed fortnightly).
  • Payment will be automatically debited from your account each fortnight.
  • In the event of a failed debit, a non-payment fee of $9.79 will be charged
  • Membership can be placed on pause for a maximum term of four (4) weeks per annum. Each pause must be made for a minimum term of 1 week with all requests to be made in writing to
  • Extended membership pauses beyond 4 weeks are permissible upon provision of a medical certificate (emailed to
  • Absences beyond 6 weeks may require an Annual Health Assessment to ensure safety
  • A 30-day notice period applies to all membership cancellations, with all requests to be made in writing to
> CASUAL SESSIONS - Scheduled Exercise

Pay-as-you-go gives you the freedom to book Casual Sessions as it suits you.


  • Ideal for those who attend irregularly or would like to sample different types of classes (pending approval from your treating clinician) before committing.
  • Book up to two weeks in advance online or via reception.
  • Should you not be able to attend your scheduled class, contact reception 24 hours or more prior, and we can rebook you for an alternative timeslot where available.
> 10 PASS - Scheduled Exercise

Purchasing a 10 VISIT Pass allows you to establish a routine or sample different sessions.


  • Upon payment, you will be booked in for all 10 sessions by our reception team.
  • The 10 visit Pass remains valid for six months from the date of purchase. (Reception to call prior to pass expiry)
  • Should you be unable to attend your scheduled class, please notify reception 24 hours or more prior
  • Continued non-attendance without notice may impact your regular class booking.
  • Only 1 x 10 visit pass may be purchased at a time. Ongoing bookings are better serviced via a direct debit arrangement.
> PERMANENT BOOKING - Scheduled Exercise

Take advantage of further savings and enjoy the security of an ongoing booking to Standard classes without a lock in contract.  


  • The payment will be automatically debited from your account on the same day each fortnight.
  • Should your class fall on a public holiday or pre-scheduled clinic closure, you will be able to schedule a ‘catch-up’ class within 2 weeks of the clinic closure date.
  • Should you not be able to attend your scheduled class, please notify reception 24 hours or more prior.
  • In the event of a failed debit, a non-payment fee of $9.79 will be charged
  • You are able to pause your direct-debit arrangement for up to 4 weeks per annum each year for instances such as holidays. Extended membership pauses are permissible upon provision of a medical certificate (emailed to
  • UQHL does not apply any financial penalties if you cancel your direct debit arrangement. However, should you wish to cancel then reinstate your direct debit booking after a period of absence, you are not guaranteed re-entry into the same class and session time you had previously.
  • A direct debit arrangement requires a 14-day notice period for cancellation.


All other services



 Essential Services         
Intake Health Assessment


The gateway to your Healthy Living journey. Help us understand your goals and objectives. Clients are required to undertake this initial Health Assessment before they can participate in exercise classes. 90 mins $110
Exercise Program Introduction We will introduce you to your tailored program, ensuring you can undertake exercises safely and effectively, and use our equipment with confidence. All clients are required to undertake this introduction before they can participate in exercise classes.

(Some clients may require extra support in order to be ready to participate in classes. These clients will also require a Subsequent Consult with an EP.)

60 mins $75
HUR wristband Programmed with your exercises, this intuitive technology works with our HUR equipment to moderate the machines to your prescribed resistance and posture requirements. $5
Program Review Stay safe and motivated. Every three months we re-assess your fitness and condition to modify your program as required and ensure your continued progress. 45 mins $60
Annual Health Assessment   A comprehensive health assessment every year assists with goal setting and ensures your ongoing safety and satisfaction. 60 mins $75
 Individual Consults         
Exercise Physiology and  Physiotherapy

Initial consult 60 mins $75
Subsequent consults (30 minutes) 30 mins $45
Subsequent consults (45 minutes) 45 mins $60
Supported Group Exercise 
Healthy Living and Circuit Connection Classes Moderate support for
independent participants.
60 mins $17 (direct debit)
$200 (10 visit pass)
$23 (casual)
Supported and Cardiopulmonary Maintenance classes Elevated support to aid recovery from illness or injury. 60 mins $220 (10 visit pass)
$25 (casual)
Specialty Programs – Balance and Strength classes Intensive support for higher needs clients. 60 mins $250 (10 visit pass)
$27 (casual)
Independent Exercise 
Members Studio Unlimited attendance within operating hours Unlimited $29 p/wk
(direct debit)
Medicare rebates are available through Team Care Arrangement (TCAs) for individual consults.
TCA’s will incur a $20 gap fee for item numbers 10953 and 10960.


Access our additional FAQs here. 


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