Fee Schedule

Our competitive fee schedule is designed to ensure our cutting-edge facility and exceptional service is accessible to many.

Please note payment is required on the day of service. We accept cash, credit or debit card.

If you have a Team Care Arrangement, please bring your Medicare Card. Where applicable please bring your Veteran’s Affairs card or Private Health card.

* All students are fully supervised by experienced clinical educators

  Duration Fee
Getting started
Health Assessment (including Health Action Plan) 60 mins $60
Personal Exercise Program Introduction   60 mins $40
Express Reassessment (every 12 weeks)                                        30 mins $20
Individual Consultations
Physiotherapy Initial Consult  60 mins $40
Physiotherapy Subsequent Consult  30 mins $20
Exercise Physiology Initial Consult  60 mins $40
Exercise Physiology Subsequent Consult  30 mins $20
Occupational Therapy Consult   60 mins $40
Occupational Therapy  Subsequent Consult         30 mins $20
Psychology Initial Consult                           60 mins $40
Psychology Subsequent Consult        30 mins $20
Counselling Initial Consult                           60 mins $40
Counselling Subsequent Consult       30 mins $20
Social Work Initial Consult                           60 mins $40
Social Work Subsequent Consult      30 mins $20
Dietetics Initial Consult with Qualified Dietician 60 mins $60
Dietetics Subsequent Consult with Qualified Dietician 30 mins $40
Group Exercise Classes
HUR wrist band (required for your personal exercise program) One time payment $15
Supported Exercise Session: casual attendance $12
Circuit Class : casual attendance $12
Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Group: casual attendance $12
Special Feature Classes: casual attendance $12
10 Session Pass: Any 10 exercise sessions for 1 hour (Valid for 3 months) $100

Flexible Pass: 10 session

If you are not concerned about attending the same session time/s each week and/or require more flexibility e.g. planning a big holiday or have a fluctuating schedule, then the Flexible Pass may be the best option for you.

  • A 10-session Flexible Pass is valid for three months and can be used for Supported Exercise Sessions, Circuit Classes, or Special Feature Classes.
  • Bookings may not be made more than one week in advance on Flexible Passes.
    • Booked sessions are redeemed whether you attend or not unless prior notice of absence is given (preferably 24 hours, no less than three hours accepted)

Fixed Passes: 10 session or 30 session

If you would like to attend the same session time/s each week, the Fixed Pass may be best option for you. Upon payment, we will book you in for 10 or 30 sessions at your preferred session time/s.

  • A Fixed Pass cannot be used for Special Feature Classes, due to the irregular nature of these classes.
  • A 10 session Fixed Pass is valid for 3 months and a 30 session Fixed Pass is valid for 6 months.
  • Booked sessions are redeemed whether you attend or not unless prior notice of absence is given (preferably 24 hours, no less than three hours accepted)
  • Providing you give adequate notice we can extend your bookings to cover any missed sessions due to illness or injury – as long as the expiry date of your pass is not exceeded.
  • A one week leave allowance applies to a 10 session Fixed Pass and a two week leave allowance applies to a 30 session fixed pass. The leave allowance must be taken in weekly blocks.