Step 1

Start with a Health Assessment

Your initial, comprehensive Health Assessment is your gateway to UQ Healthy Living’s services. We take the time to understand your unique health journey, including your circumstances and goals.

Using this information we can connect you to any of our services that may be relevant to you, such as supported or independent exercise, specialty programs, dietetics, clinical exercise physiology and physiotherapy


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Step 2

Exercise Program Introduction

Book an introduction to your Exercise Program to receive your bespoke training program.

You will receive your tailored program and we will ensure you can undertake exercises safely and effectively, at home and in clinic, and use our equipment with confidence. All clients are required to undertake this introduction before they can participate in exercise at UQHL.

Your program will identify what level of support you require, clearing you to participate in independent exercise, standard exercise, supported exercise, or intensive specialty programs.

Step 4

Access Individual Consults

No referrals are necessary to access individual consults with any of our interprofessional services.

Occupational Therapy

We can help you recover, improve, or maintain the skills needed for daily living. Together we can navigate through injury, reduced mobility, disability, and long-term (chronic) health conditions, and find ways to move forward, adapt and enjoy a full life.

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology can access your fitness and provide education and lifestyle modification techniques to help you improve or maintain your health. EP’s also support those with a wide range of chronic health conditions and promote improved health to decrease risk of disease.


Are you suffering from back pain, arthritis, incontinence, posture problems, a strain, sprain or other fall injury? Are you experiencing reduced mobility, or do you require rehabilitation following surgery? Physiotherapy can diagnose injury and uses a variety of methods including massage and exercise to aid recovery.


Are you feeding your goals? Are you supporting your recovery from illness or injury with the right nutrition? The idea of overhauling your diet can be intimidating and navigating fad diets and trendy foods is tiresome and confusing. UQ Healthy Living dietetics service gives you evidence based nutritional advice that is practical and easy to apply to real life. Even small changes can have enormous benefits.


If life appears overwhelming or you lose your sense of place and purpose, psychology could be the catalyst to help you find your way back to health and happiness. Learn to identify unconscious triggers or impulses through increased self-awareness, and look at long-standing attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours that have affected your current circumstances and perspective. Together we can shift your reality.


You don’t need to face this alone. Life is full of transitions and not all of them are easy. We offer a safe, respectful environment in which you can discuss your thoughts and emotions openly. We can help you understand your thought patterns, behaviours, emotions; and why certain behaviours and thoughts can be problematic.

Social Work

We offer practical assistance to help you navigate your next steps. We work in collaboration with you to empower you to reach your goals, resolve your issues and find the necessary services to support you, such as agency referrals, community linking, and educational information sessions.

Coming 2020

Audiology and Pharmaceutical Advice coming in 2020.

Step 5

Program Review

Discuss your progress with your clinician and schedule regular re-assessments to monitor your fitness and condition. We understand things change, and your clinician can modify your program and advise the best exercise pathway moving forward, considering what level of support will meet your current needs.

Step 6

Annual Health Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment every year assists with goal setting and ensures your ongoing safety and satisfaction.