Step 1

Find your match

At UQ Healthy Living we take the time to understand your unique health journey. This includes matching you with a clinician best suited to you, your circumstances, and goals.

Our clinicians bring together a wide range of expertise in health care, to ensure you have access to a variety of perspectives and support.

Just like you, each clinician is unique, with their own set of special interests and expertise. Therefore, before your comprehensive health assessment, we ask that you fill out our pre-attendance forms, so that we can pair you up with a clinician that is best suited to you and your health journey.

Step 2

Start with a Health Assessment

Your initial, 90 minute comprehensive Health Assessment is your gateway to UQ Healthy Living’s services. We take the time to understand your unique health journey, including your circumstances and goals.

Using this information we can connect you to any of our services that may be relevant to you, such as supported or independent exercise, specialty programs, clinical exercise physiology and physiotherapy.


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Step 3

Exercise Program Introduction

Book an introduction to your Exercise Program to receive your bespoke training program.

You will receive your tailored program and we will ensure you can undertake exercises safely and effectively, at home and in clinic, and use our equipment with confidence. All clients are required to undertake this introduction before they can participate in exercise at UQHL.

Your program will identify what level of support you require, clearing you to participate in independent exercise, standard exercise, or specialty programs.

Step 5

Program Review

Discuss your progress with your clinician and schedule regular re-assessments to monitor your fitness and condition. We understand things change, and your clinician can modify your program and advise the best exercise pathway moving forward, considering what level of support will meet your current needs.

Program reviews typically happen every 8 to 12 weeks, as decided by yourself and your treating clinician.

Step 6

Annual Health Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment determines your physical capacity after illness or injury, or when recommencing at UQ Healthy Living after an extended absence.