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Educational Seminars and Workshops

UQ Healthy Living offers education sessions regularly, in the form of seminars or workshops. Our presenters are warm and engaging, offering information based on the latest academic research. All sessions encourage interaction with the opportunity to ask questions.

Our sessions can cover any aspect of health and wellbeing for those aged over 50,  head to our events calendar for education sessions  coming up soon.

The below examples of recent sessions give you an idea of what UQ Healthy Living offers. Register your interest if you would like to be notified when these topics are revisited. 

Feed a Healthy Heart: Mediterranean Diet Explained

Mediterranean style eating can lower your risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Learn how a Mediterranean inspired diet can help you avoid, manage or recover from chronic disease.
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Nutrition for Healing

Good nutrition can reduce your chance of re-admission to hospital by up to 20%. Discover simple ways to help restore your health following a serious illness or surgery with nutrition tips and meal plans informed by dietetics research.
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Exercise & Heart Disease: Safety tips and more…

How to safely reverse the deconditioning cycle. Advice on how to self-monitor during exercise, warning signs and knowing what to look, when to stop, and the types of mild to moderate exercises that might be appropriate for those with heart conditions.
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Ready, steady: Fall Prevention Classes

Falls are the most common cause of injury for over 65’s. Balance and strength training are key to avoiding injuries. Discover tips to stay on your feet and navigate every day hazards.
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CarFreeMe: Stay active after you stop driving

An introduction to the CarFreeMe program. Find out how to keep doing what you love, car free. A successful program based on an effective, evidence based, and client-centred approach to keep people active and independent.
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Shop Smarter tour: A dietetics tour of Coles, Toowong Village

Helping UQHL clients to better understand labels and make better choices. This session aims give the nutritional scoop on our clients’ favourite products and boost their confidence in the supermarket isles.
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CPR Info Session

CPR can triple a person’s chance of survival. Hosted by our Cardiac Nurse, this is a great first step to find out more about this lifesaving skill.
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Get Connected Series: Social Success for wellbeing

A series of informative talks and networking sessions listed below…

  • Get Connected: Social Connections and Ageing
    Myths, Realities and Getting Started
  • Get Connected: The Loneliness Trap
    Ways to cope or beat it
  • Get Connected: Defining your values
    What creates meaning for you
  • Get Connected:
    How to get socially connected and create meaning

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Care for the Carer: Counselling Workshop

How do you care for yourself while caring for someone else? About 1 in 8 Australians are carers, so chances are you, or someone you know, is a carer. This workshop offers strategies to support carer wellbeing, in a safe and respectful environment, where you can share your challenges and experience if you feel comfortable to do so.
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The pleasure and pain of caring for a family member with dementia: Q&A

Providing care to a loved one with dementia can offer unique challenges and rewards. Understand the impact of dementia and help the person living with dementia to achieve a high quality of life. An opportunity to meet others in a similar circumstance, and even learn from their experiences, losses and victories.
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Head to our events calendar for education sessions, seminars and workshops coming up soon.

Disclaimer: All information provided in our education sessions is intended as general advice only.  Never make changes that go against your doctor’s advice, and if you have any concerns regarding your personal medical condition please contact your GP or specialist.