Group Exercise Sessions

Only around one in 10 Australians over the age of 50 exercise enough to gain cardiovascular benefit. About half of the physical decline associated with old age may be due to a lack of physical activity. People over the age of 65, more than any other age group, require adequate fitness and nutrition levels to help them maintain independence, recover from illness and reduce their high risk of disease.

During assessment phase we will recommend Standard, Category 1 or 2 classes depending on your goals and requirements. 


Standard Classes

Provide moderate support for highly independent participants in a group setting.


These sessions offer you an opportunity to undertake your Personal Exercise Program.

Unlike a gym, a qualified Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist  will attend the floor at all times to answer your questions and offer support where required.

Our state-of-the-art HUR Fitness Equipment is simple to use and can track your progress as well as altering machines to your prescribed posture and resistance. Simply attach your HUR wrist band, tap on, and get started.

This user-friendly, world-leading technology is suitable for all fitness levels, with low starting loads of 100gm to ensure safe workouts no matter what your current capability.

These machines also employ pneumatic air resistance matched to the body’s natural muscular movement to reduce the risk of injury.

The HUR SmartZone incorporates wristband technology to automatically apply your prescribed resistance to network linked exercise machines. It provides a full body workout and collects data for a client’s electronic record.

Session numbers are capped to ensure equipment is easily shared.

Access a regular schedule of Healthy Living Sessions.


An alternative to your personal program, follow a series of varied, exercises for short intervals. Under the instruction of a qualified Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist. A great way to have fun, engage with others and strengthen a range of muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular health.

Access a regular schedule of Circuit Classes.

Category 1 

Provide elevated level of support to aid recovery from serious illness, injury, or extended periods of inactivity.


Follow your personal program in a smaller session size to allow for greater  EP support where required.

Category 2

Provides intensive support for higher needs clients in smaller groups and/or with increased clinical attention. Clients may progress to Category 1 classes; or remain in Category 2 long term to ensure appropriate support.


Follow your Personal Exercise Program in highly supported, intensive sessions. We can monitor your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and heart rate. An experienced Cardiac Nurse and Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist will be on hand to ensure your safety and guide your progress.


Offering a highly supportive environment this session has a strong focus on falls prevention. Reduce your risk of trips and slips, boost your stability and build confidence as you follow your personal program with the support of an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist.


What if you could change the trajectory of your journey?

Exercise is vital to your Healthy Living journey. We understand exercise can be physically and emotionally challenging when you are dealing with chronic disease, weight issues, fatigue, or are recovering from an injury. We also understand that not everyone enjoys exercise (yet!) and gym equipment and weights can be intimidating for many.

Sound like you? Then UQ Healthy Living is the perfect place to start or continue your friendship with fitness.

What if you could change your life in the time it takes to watch your favourite TV show?

Half an hour of light exercise each day can reduce your risk of disease. We can help you stay active and avoid health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and depression.

What if you could avoid being one in four people injured in a fall each year?

Strength and balance training can reduce your risk being among the quarter of people over 60 who are injured in a fall every year.