What is UQ Healthy Living?

We face many transitions through later life, navigating new freedoms while surrendering others. We experience shifts in our responsibilities; and changes to our health and lifestyle. We invite you to join our community and live your best life through your fifties and beyond with the right support.

UQ Healthy Living (UQHL) leads the way in harnessing the collective benefits of interprofessional care. The first of its kind, UQHL is a multidisciplinary service promoting longevity and wellbeing, resourced by students, supervised by industry leading clinicians and supported by cutting edge technology.

This unique synergy delivers affordable, quality care that considers your physical, mental and emotional needs, while educating tomorrow’s clinicians in a collaborative, innovative environment.

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What is interprofessional care?

According to the World Health Organisation, interprofessional teams can provide a more comprehensive approach to preventing and managing chronic, complex conditions such as dementia, that may require a collaborative response (WHO, 2010; CIHC, 2010). UQHL recognises the importance of interprofessional care in responding to the needs of Australia’s ageing population and brings together a growing number of disciplines.

Our physiotherapy, exercise physiology, psychology, and audiology, offer multiple perspectives on your health and wellbeing. We offer a growing number of disciplines working together to explore new ways to meet your needs.

Who can attend?

Our facility is designed for over 50s interested in improving their health and wellbeing. There are no referrals necessary.

If you are committed to working with us to define a way forward and implement change to reach your goals, we invite you to undertake a Health Assessment. This will determine our suitability to your health journey and considers your safety.

Explore Your Healthy Living Pathway to understand the client journey. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We encourage our clients to explore UQ’s other clinics via  health-clinics.uq.edu.au