How are you coping with everyday demands and significant events in your life? Factors such as loss, health problems and cognitive decline can be difficult to process, but you do not need to face this alone.

Individual counselling: Healthy Minds Consults

UQ Healthy Living offers a safe, respectful environment in which you can discuss your thoughts and emotions openly, without fear of being judged.

We can help you understand your thought patterns, behaviours, emotions; and why certain behaviours and thoughts can be problematic.

The kinds of things discussed with us include (but are not limited to)

  • Battling unhealthy habits, addictions
  • Dealing with loss — loss of loved ones, loss of independence, loss of identity
  • Resolving work related issues, or facing retirement
  • Overcoming depression, stress and anxiety
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Recovering from trauma, such as a recent diagnosis or major surgery

What to expect in session?

It is not uncommon to feel cautious entering counselling for the first time, but rest assured, you will be heard and respected.

You will be asked questions to determine why you sought therapy, establish context (your personal history and current situation) and your current symptoms.

To get the most out of your counselling session:

Be open

The more honest and transparent you are the better the counsellor can assist you. However, at no time feel compelled to say or do anything beyond what feels right. Counsellors will respect your need to feel safe and in control of your mental health journey.

Be prepared

Before you get to the session, consider how you might describe “what’s wrong”. You might even write down the reasons you’re seeking help and then read it out loud.

Ask questions

Ask the therapist to repeat anything you don’t understand. The sessions are all about you! 

Group Education Sessions: Counselling workshops

From time to time we also offer special group education sessions delivered by our in-house counselling team, counselling educators, and respected industry providers.

Anyone can attend these sessions whether you are participating in individual counselling consults at UQ Healthy Living or not.

Education sessions cover widely relevant topics such as life with loss and bereavement, boosting your social networks, or tips to reengage.  You may benefit from the opportunity to ask questions, hear other stories, or simply meet others in a similar circumstance.

Group education sessions will vary as they are priced according to their operational requirements, while still offering fantastic value.

Keep up to date via our calendar.