Are you over 50 and committed to taking charge of your health and life?

Now is a great time to start your journey, with 10% off the Members Studio for new clients!


UQ Healthy Living is transforming health and fitness for over 50s and we are passionate about supporting healthy lifestyles. 

Underpinned by the latest research in health and longevity, UQ Healthy Living addresses the mental, social and physical needs of clients to provide client-centred care. Led by an interprofessional team of exceptional clinicians, the facility brings together exercise physiotherapy, physiotherapy, audiology, and psychology services.

The team design specialty and preventative programs to manage chronic disease, cognitive decline, and a range of age-related challenges. 

A highlight of the world-class facility is the exclusive HUR user-friendly technology. Unlike typical commercial equipment, HUR uses low starting loads of 100gm, and smooth pneumatic air resistance matched to the body’s natural movements, reducing the risk of injury. Programmed wristbands alter each machine to prescribed resistance and posture requirements, and record progress.

The newly opened Members Studio, dedicated to independent exercise, offers additional equipment, such as the latest in fitness gamification for those determined to preserve optimum balance, reaction time and cognition.


Contact us on P 3443 2586 or E to find out more. 


Terms and conditions:

  • Discount is applicable for one year from commencement of membership, for those cleared for independent exercise.