Introducing our passionate yoga instructor, Sylvi. Bringing her gentle style of yoga and love of poetry, Sylvi is here to support your healthy living journey. 

Sylvianne (Sylvi) Delaney has loved physical exercise since she was a teenager. Since Sylvi embraced the deeper meaning of yoga and completed her certification, her journey toward a more peaceful existence began.

She has enjoyed working in the Aged Care industry for the past 14 years. Her role evolved into keeping the older population functionally fit following further certifications in Fitness, Tai Chi and Chair Yoga.
“My yoga teaching style focuses on mindful movement, alignment and pranayama to maximise the physical benefits for the body,” says Sylvi.

“I also lead meditation and the occasional poetry reading to ease the mind towards calm.”

Come along to gentle yoga with Sylvi as she explores breath and movement, supporting participants to find ease in each pose.

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