Home modifications and assistive technology to thrive in the community and home
To be announced

Dates to be announced.

The UQ Health and Rehabilitation Clinics in partnership with UQ Health Living are introducing a new student-led occupational therapy service called: “Home Modifications and Assistive Technology to Thrive in the Community and Home” or HATCH clinic.

  • Considering changes to your home to increase your safety, independence, or ability to access the community?
  • Looking for devices or technology to help you to do the things you need/want to do each day?
  • Trying to determine your needs prior to discussions with your planners or funders?

This new service aims to support and enable people to be active participants in their home and community through the provision of home modification and assistive technology services.


The clinic will incorporate 4 individual sessions (completed in person, by telephone, or telehealth) and 1 home-visit during the 8-week duration of the clinic.


Completed in person, by telephone, or telehealth and 1 home-visit during the 8-week duration of the clinic.




Please contact UQ Healthy Living on (07) 3443 2586 or email uqhealthyliving@uq.edu.au