Discover our Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Programs, crafted specifically for individuals aged 50 and above who are recovering from a recent cardiac or pulmonary condition. Facilitated by a skilled cardiac nurse and an experienced exercise professional, our program brings together exercise and education to support your journey to recovery.

The programs are often attended by those who are living with a chronic lung condition or have recently had a heart attack, coronary artery bypass graft or percutaneous coronary intervention.

The programs consist of:

  • an initial and post program assessment
  • a 1 hour exercise program introduction
  • weekly exercise and education sessions facilitated by an experienced exercise professional and cardiac nurse

Participants begin the program with an initial health assessment where a clinician will assess your health history and work with you to design a personalised exercise program suitable for your condition to facilitate safe and effective progress throughout the program. Following this, you’ll be guided through your personalised exercise program in a 1-hour program introduction, during a 1-on-1 appointment with an experienced exercise clinician.

Throughout the program, weekly education sessions delivered by our cardiac nurse and weekly exercise sessions supported by an exercise professional and cardiac nurse are held.

During all exercise sessions, an exercise professional and cardiac nurse will be on the floor to answer any questions and provide support where needed. Your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and heart rate can be monitored for you throughout the program.

Our education sessions serve as a valuable opportunity for you to gain insights, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of managing cardiac and pulmonary health.

At competition of the program, you will complete a post program assessment to check in on your condition and progress, and ensure you have been equipped with the care and knowledge needed for recovery.


Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00am.


Program costs

Initial & Post Assessment $100 each
Program Orientation $70

Exercise classes
$20 per class (10 pass)
$23 per class (casual)


Please contact our reception team to make a booking for an initial assessment. If you are new to our clinic, please allow 90 minutes for your consultation. If our current program is full, please ask to join the waitlist for our next program.

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